Anmo Fu 

30 minutes - £30

Anmo Fu Five Elements massage is a deep oil based massage technique from ancient China which is focused on the abdominal region. Its role is to restore balance to the internal systems, ensuring that all organs are operating efficiently with space to breathe and a good supply of blood and lymph. This therapy is described as the most beneficial treatment system for the complete human being. .

Anmo Fu works to release all the twists and torsions in the bowels while balancing the internal organs, clearing trapped toxins, restrictions and releasing waste products and supplying good blood, lymph and movement, creating a fantastic system for treating many stress, bowel, lower back and emotional problems and increasing the absorption of nutrients creating energy and combating fatigue.

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"Since the treatment I have helt very focussed, grounded, and I noticed a definite increase in energy. The ache in my chest has gone. The knot in my stomach has gone "


Carole, Jan 2020