Aromatherapy Massage


Aromatherapy massage:

Full Body, 60 minutes - £50

Back and legs, 40 mins - £40

Back, neck and shoulders, 30 mins - £30 

Feeling burnt out? If you’ve been running on empty, an aromatherapy massage could be just what you need to recharge your batteries. Essential oils can do everything from energise to de-stress or re-invigorate as well as fight common aches and pains, leaving you relaxed, limber and totally soothed.

The addition of essential oils to an already relaxing massage makes this treatment truly transformative. The session starts with a consultation with you to assess where you’re at emotionally, as well as checking in on any aches and pains. I will then create exactly the right blend of essential oils and a ‘carrier’ oil to meet your needs and your massage can begin.

"I had a wonderful aroma massage with the most amazing facial !

I was in sensory Heaven feeling like my body was a marshmallow /breathing in the wonderful smells of the essential oils that she had tailored to use throughout my treatment.

Thank you so much for my time out.

I really needed this & would highly recommend Arlene"