I'm always pleased to receive feedback from my lovely clients.

Here are some very recent ones, taken from the fresh start following lockdown .

client 3.jpg

"I visited Arlene at the therapy suite for the first time after work yesterday (Tuesday 13th April).

I was met by Arlene who welcomed me at the entrance and made to feel very welcome.


What a fabulous place, I instantly felt welcome and relaxed, very clean and professional yet a very relaxing environment. After a brief chat and some Covid house rules I entered the lovely treatment room where I had my first ever Reflexology treatment. Arlene discussed what was going to happen and how to get the most out of the treatment. I was really surprised how quickly I relaxed and started to feel the benefits with stress and aches and pains instantly showing signs of improvement.


An hour passed extremely quickly as I drifted in and out of a very relaxed state of conscious with the pleasant aromas and music all adding to the sense of wellbeing. I was gently brought round and given water while Arlene explained her findings which were remarkably accurate, I had the best nights sleep I had had in years and will be back regularly as I'm converted."


Andy Trow


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"Ahhh Arlene I can’t thank you enough,

I love coming to have my treatments from you, forgot how amazing they were!

I have gone from a receiving a treatment from you once a month to nothing,

I am now feeling so uplifted thank you so much.

You're the best!"


Tinisha Kahn Crofts


client 1.jpg

"I thoroughly enjoyed my first reflexology treatment with Arlene, She explained exactly what it was for and how it worked. She has such a wonderful touch, it was so relaxing.


The information she told me by exploring my feet I found totally amazing. Arlene really knows her stuff, is very professional, her treatment room is super cozy. I would highly recommend and am looking forward to trying her other treatments.

Thanks Arlene

Nikki Leese