A proven therapeutic approach to supporting achievement in learners with a range of special needs

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Functional Reflex Therapy (FRT) offers a unique relaxation routine supported with the FRT tool kit.


The system is already being used as a timetabled therapy in schools, and also at home, for children and young adults with Autism, other non-specific communication difficulties, learning difficulties, children with challenging behaviours and children with high levels of stress and anxiety. 

FRT is based on the theory and practice of Reflexology.  The therapist uses a combination of movements of their hands, fingers and thumbs over specific areas and specific reflex points of the client’s feet and lower legs, or their hands and forearms. 

These movements are delivered in a flowing style, with each movement being repeated in a routine which usually lasts for approximately 20 minutes and provides a sense of calmness and relaxation.


The relaxing effects of FRT can lead to improvements in behaviour, self-control and readiness for learning.

  • encourage relaxation and induce calm

  • help improve mood

  • reduce anxiety and stress relate conditions

  • improve concentration and focus

  • encourage the receptivity and social interaction