What is Functional Reflex Therapy?

Functional Reflex Therapy (FRT) was established by Lorraine Senior, a Reflexologist and former teacher with over 20 years’ experience of working with children and adults with special needs.

Delivering reflexology as a timetabled therapy in many environments Lorraine was encouraged with the results of her research and case studies. Along with observations and feedback from staff, parents and receivers she has created a structured approach for schools that effectively demonstrates the value and many benefits of FRT delivered by qualified Reflexologists.

Functional Reflex Therapy offers a unique relaxation routine supported with the FRT tool kit. The system is already being used as a timetabled therapy in schools and also at home for children and young adults with Autism, other non-specific communication difficulties, learning difficulties, children with challenging behaviours and children with high levels of stress and anxiety. It is also used in care homes with adults who are affected by conditions such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s.  This form of therapy can also be used to achieve relaxation, which can help in dealing with stressful situations in any environment.

FRT is based on the theory and practice of Reflexology.  The therapist uses a combination of movements of their hands, fingers and thumbs over specific areas and specific reflex points of the client’s feet and lower legs, or their hands and forearms.  These movements are delivered in a flowing style, with each movement being repeated in a routine which usually lasts for approximately 20 minutes and provides a sense of calmness and relaxation. The relaxing effects of FRT cans  lead to improvements in behaviour, self control and readiness for learning.

What is involved?

Functional Reflex Therapy is most commonly provided in schools to individual learners through structured sessions with a specific aim and purpose, identified through consultation with teachers and the multi disciplinary team.  It is delivered as a timetabled therapy in mainstream and special needs schools. Sessional are delivered by a qualified Reflexologist who bring their own experience and specialism to the therapy time and may address issues that have been highlighted by parents and school.

Supported with the use of the FRT tool kit to help with communication, preparation and responsibility, it also adds a little fun and most importantly meets the child’s individual needs. Functional Reflex Therapy is suitable for all children, not only those with special needs, such as Autism or ADHD, it supports any child who would benefit from regular relaxation. 

The 1:1 sessions offered in school give pupils quiet, calm time which can help them with preparation for ongoing activities throughout the day and support their well-being. Using the Functional Reflex Therapy approach gives a clear structured session that can be added to the timetable where the Reflexologist works as part of the multi-disciplinary team alongside teaching and classroom staff to support pupils’ targets.

All sessions are recorded in written form and some are videoed. Records are then available for staff and parent viewing. The length of time out of the classroom is up to 30 minutes per child. Resources used during the 1:1 Reflexology therapy is the Lafuma reclining chair, an unscented natural reflexology balm, music and a blanket.

By using the unique FRT tool kit and addressing issues highlighted by parents and school therapist works as a valuable and supportive member of the multi-disciplinary team.

What are the benefits?

Functional Reflex Therapy provides a new affective positive touch therapy experience. This gives the body the opportunity to calm and encourage the release of oxytocin which can help pupils to be in a better state of mind, helping them to prepare for ongoing activities and learning.

Service and Fees

Wirral Reflex Therapy is able to offer a Functional Reflex Therapy service to schools on the basis of booking a minimum of four weeks of service involving 3 hours of practice per week as a block booking.

The service will include:

  • Meetings with staff to identify individual needs of children

  • Provision of Functional Reflex Therapy sessions for up to three identified children for the agreed number of weeks

  • Sharing of records of sessions with appropriate school staff, parents / careers  


The fee for this service will be £150 per week, payable by invoice.


Other levels of service are available by agreement.