What is it?

Limbic Reflexology represents a revolutionary breakthrough in the help that a Reflexologist can offer those seeking help with emotional pain, traumatic memory pain, and chronic pain.

Working new precision reflex areas in the feet, using specific techniques, and with an understanding of the underlying neurobiology and pathology of a condition, we can now connect with the brain networks that underpin many complex disabling conditions, including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(CFS) / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), Fibromyalgia, PTSD, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and sleep disorders.


What are the Benefits?

Limbic Reflexology is concerned with limbic brain networks. These networks monitor what’s happening both within the body, and what’s going on around us. In response to the constant state of change within those environments, these networks help regulate a balanced internal state, or homeostasis.

The limbic brain generates our range of emotional and physiological responses, determines our experience of pain. It is also involved in learning and memory, and motivates our behavioural responses.

Where there is temporary or ongoing disruption of the limbic networks, natural homeostasis may be compromised. The networks mat become over sensitive, as in some chronic pain conditions, or our alarm system may become hyper-vigilant, as in the case of chronic fear and anxiety. Limbic Reflexology treatments aim to help restore the natural homeostasis.


What to expect

Limbic Reflexology is not a standalone therapy but enhances conventional Reflexology by specifically targeting reflex areas of the feet that correspond to the limbic regions and networks of the limbic brain. All the limbic reflex areas are found in the big toes so treatments will concentrate on this area of your feet, though the whole foot will be covered.

Following a detailed consultation, the initial course of treatment involves eight Limbic Reflexology sessions over four weeks. Each treatment will last between 45 minutes and an hour.


What’s the Evidence?

During each treatment session I will monitor the strength of your symptoms, and their impact on your ability to manage everyday life. These, along with feedback I receive from key reflex points during the treatment, will inform my practice and your treatment plan.

Evidence shows that there are accumulative effects with each successive session during the course of treatments.

Most clients experience a real improvement in their symptoms over these sessions and report an improved ability to cope with life.

Following this initial course of treatment, you may wish to move to a monthly top up treatment designed to maintain the improvements gained.

limbic reflex data 2.JPG

 |"I went for limbic reflexology with Arlene , I have this due to having fibromyalgia,  I was on a trial first to see if it helped, omg it helped heaps, I messaged Arlene nearly crying begging for an appointment,  as I had not had treatment in a couple of months, and I had crashed and burned , severely sore and exhausted.

After my reflexology session I felt more human , revitalized,  and ready to face the world , roll on next week for a top up"


Yvonne, Jan 2020