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Sports Focussed Reflexology

Incorporating reflexology into your fitness regime can be hugely beneficial whether you are a professional athlete, semi-pro, or participate in a sporting or performance activity to keep fit and healthy.

Sports and performance professionals can benefit from regular Reflexology treatments as these can improve circulation and encourage lymphatic action. This physiological ‘boost’ to the system energises tired muscles and inhibits the production of lactic acid. Reflexology helps to balance and relax the main organ systems in the body involved when the body is functioning at high intensity.

Reflexology sessions can be easily incorporated into your fitness or training routine to help speed up the recovery process from strain or pain, helping to enhance your physical and emotional wellbeing and overall performance.

Improving Recovery

Reflexology encourages lymphatic drainage. Research at Bonash University, Australia, suggests that Reflexology can remove lactic acid from the legs four times faster than massage, a helpful relief from tightness in the legs.

Improving Healing

Reflexology can help reduce pain from a serious injury, minor impact, or over-use injuries. Treatment may reduce the recovery period following injury such as such as knee pain or foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis, neuroma, or tendonitis.

These conditions can be addressed by surgery, but as more athletes want to avoid drugs and reduce the time off due to surgery, Reflexology offers a valuable complementary therapy.

Reflexology also helps for activities that stress the shoulders, arms, and hands such as golf or tennis. Treatments help to address issues such as tennis elbow and forearm pain.

Reflexology can help to increase blood circulation to an injured area of the body, removing toxins and bringing in oxygen, nutrients, minerals, enzymes, and hormones, while also removing toxins and waste products.

Since the blood stream is responsible for supplying the muscles with nutrients and oxygen, increased circulation can assist in preventing cramps, spasms, aches, and pains associated with extended exercise.

There are very few contra-indications, and treatments can be quick and administered at almost any time.

Improving Performance

As well as working on a physical level, reflexology also helps with mental and emotional well-being. Reflexology promotes deep relaxation, easing tension, giving your body time to rest and heal and it may improve sleep. This ensuring body and mind are able to focus in the period leading up to a event and helps manage subconscious fears which can impact on performance

Stress reduction helps physical preparation too. Stress and tension tighten the cardiovascular system and restricts blood flow, causing it to become sluggish. This results in the tissues becoming oxygen-deprived and energy becomes depleted, making all body systems suffer. Reflexology treatments help can keep the body’s circulation flowing smoothly, rejuvenates tired tissues.

Regular treatments help to keep the body in the perfect physical and mental state to ensure that you can perform at your best when the time is right.

For highly competitive sports it is best to have reflexology two or three days before an event. as staying psyched up requires adrenalin and a certain amount of tension.


Treatments begin with a Health and Lifestyle Consultation which will help me to design a bespoke treatment plan for you, whether that be to help with specific muscular aches and pains or to simply help you relax and focus.

A treatment session normally lasts for about one hour during which I will work on specific reflex points on each foot and lower leg.

I will aim to bring the body back to balance. At the end of the session we will discuss any homecare advice and any further sessions that may be required. In most cases, a course of treatments will provide the best results.

Contact me to arrange a meeting to find out how we can support your recovery and help your recovery and improve performance.

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