Are Your Feet Telling You Something?

Five reasons to try Reflexology

Reflexology is one of my favourites therapies to administer. It involves much more than a foot massage! I find that the focussed attention on one part of the body whilst working through the intricate routine helps establish a strong connection with the client and an understanding of their needs.

Reflexology in action

What's it all about?

If you've never experienced this therapy maybe you will change your mind after considering some of the points below.

Reflexology treatments involves applying pressure to particular areas of the foot to promote healing throughout the body. The idea behind it is that areas of the feet (known as reflexes) correspond to other areas of the body. Stimulating these reflexes prompts the other areas of the body to begin healing.

But there's much more to a session that that. Your treatment includes a relaxing foot spa, and a soothing no relaxing for massage as part of the therapy. These help to prepare tour body to get the most out of the reflexology treatmen

“Reflexology has so much to offer.”

Take a look at some reasons to give it a try

1. Less stress – Reflexology is a deeply relaxing therapy and research has established that it reduces stress and anxiety in those who take it regularly. This may be the biggest benefit to you as the reduction in stress levels help to resort balance and wellbeing to your body and mind. Many clients find that hey sleep beer after treatment.

2. Less pain – It is surprising just how much tension we hold in our muscles, resulting in pain throughout the day. Reflexology aims to relieve tension throughout the entire body, relaxing muscles and reducing pain.

3. Better circulation – The treatment of the feet mooted the flow of blood to the extremities, improving circulation. This has positive effects throughout the body, improving the uptake of nutrients and elimination of toxins. Research backs this up. A study published in the Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing, found that self-foot reflexology significantly improved circulation among middle-aged women.

4. Stronger immune system – The improvements circulation and reduction of stress related conditions encourage the body’s self-healing process, helping it to ward off infection.

5. More energy – Constant tiredness is often a sign that your body isn’t working as efficiently as it could. Reflexology will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised. The improvement in blood flow to your vital organs will bring enhanced energy levels following a series of treatments.

Over to you!

So, as you can see, Reflexology has a lot to offer.

But don’t just take my word for it. Why not book a session and see for yourself?

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