Men Too!

What's the value of Reflexology for men?

Complementary therapies like reflexology, massage and Reiki often seem the preserve of women. And pictures on therapists' Facebook and web sites usually show women receiving these wonderful treatments. My clients are mostly female, that's for sure. But I’m determined to get the word out there that reflexology is just as good for men too!

Do only women find life a big juggling act? No.

Do only women get stressed, tired and run down? No.

Do men get to feel anxious, low or depressed? Of course they do!

Hard work and stress do not affect one gender alone. Nor does anxiety and the feeling that life is running away with you. Indeed, if we all wrote down our main worries in life at any one time, both men's and women's would likely be the same: a successful career, enough time to spend with partner and/or family, enough money to enjoy the comforts in life, and being able to move forward free of fear and hesitation.

So, what are the barriers?

Sometimes men are nervous about being in a therapeutic setting, they may be sceptical about how reflexology works, they may worry about baring their feet! However, my male clients do quickly relax into their treatment and forget about any reservations they may have had.

Afterwards, the feedback I receive is always overwhelmingly positive – here are just a couple of comments from my male clients:

“I have been using the therapy suite for four or five months and I can honestly say it has helped me massively. I get an hour to refocus myself during each reflexology session. This gives me a straight head, ready to throw myself back into work. Recovery time is important to mental health and I implore anyone who is struggling to try this out.”

Tom, January 2020

Reflexology fights stress

Men's coping mechanisms in response to stress tend to be less healthy than women's. For instance, men have less access to the support of friends, relatives and the community and are nearly three times more likely than women to become alcohol dependent. Reflexology can really help men look after their mental health as it helps you to simply stop, clear away your worries and strengthen your mind to focus on the everyday goals and challenges that lie ahead.

Women have known this for a long time.

Physical benefits

The physical benefits of reflexology for men are numerous too. Reflexology triggers the parasympathetic nervous system which restores the body to a state of calm and provides deep relaxation. This in turn has a ripple effect, relaxing all the systems of the body from the digestive system, to the circulation, to the muscles. The focus on looking after the feet can be a real positive for men who are active and whose feet bear the brunt of their fitness

So, if you are a man considering reflexology why not give it a go? Or if you know a man, a partner, friend, brother, dad, colleague…who you think could benefit from some chill out time and a chance to reboot their system, why not suggest reflexology to them?

There’s nothing to lose from trying it out. And it just might be a life changer.

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