No Time for a Reflexology Massage?

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Four Handy Reflexology treatments you can do for yourself

When you books in for your first reflexology massage I always carry out a consultation to assess your particular needs. The session includes a general foot massage during which I work over all of the foot reflex areas, giving me the opportunity to make my own assessment of underlying condition, which I will discuss with you. I will pay more attention to specific reflex areas of the foot that will help start addressing the particular issue identified. During further sessions I pay more attention to the issues specific reflexes and monitor for improvement.

All this takes time. Often several weeks. Some conditions won’t wait that long.

Pain in the neck?

You may suffer from a stiff neck as a result of holding poor posture for too long. You can help relive neck pain by pressing and pinching round the base of your thumbs. Do this for about thirty seconds on each hand. Repeat the treatment three times on each hand.


When you are suffering from a headache you can work the first thumb joint on both hands - below the nail. Again, do this for about a minute on each hand and repeat three times. This may ease a throbbing sensation.

Sleepless nights?

A poor night’s sleep can affect your whole body. Massage your diaphragm point to help ovee4come sleeplessness. Massage this point in a slow rocking motion for 30 to 60 seconds to promote relaxation and sleep. Repeat the exercise three times on each palm before you go to sleep or if you wake during the night. This self-massage seems to help relaxation and helps to reset your body clock.

Feeling low?

Coping with a hectic day with the kids, at work or just dealing with life’s problems can leave you feeling stressed out. Applying gentle pressure on the adrenal reflex, situated on the thenar muscle on the palm, may help to boost energy or reduce your stress level.

Try it for yourself

Please try these self-help treatments for yourself. I hope they work for you.

But please don’t stop booking for a full relaxing rejuvenating and repairing session with Namaste!

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